By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – His alleged crimes are spread over decades, claiming at least 12 lives and the spirits of countless rape victims. But they’re banding together.

Jennifer Carole says they are the fiercest females she’s ever met.

“I can’t tell you how good it was to be with these women,” Carole said. “So strong and so admirable.”

And she got to know them for the first time, in a Sacramento County courtroom, where the suspect they say ripped apart their lives and stole their loved ones is finally facing a judge.

“I wish he could see how amazing they are,” she said.

But 72-year-old Jospeh DeAngelo, the former cop authorities say brutally murdered Carole’s parents and at least 12 others almost four decades ago, stood silently in that courtroom cage.

Carole and about half a dozen women he’s accused of raping sat right behind him studying his every move, and state of mind.

“I want him worrying about his bunk mate. The guy walking up behind him. Who’s in the shower with him. I want him worrying all the time,” said Carole.

But attorneys say a trial may still be years away.

For now, Carole is banding together with the women from court.

They’re meeting again at a book reading for “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark,” Michelle McNamara’s New York Times bestseller about the Golden State Killer. It’s taking place at a Citrus Heights book store, only a few miles away from DeAngelo’s home where he was arrested late last month.

“I never thought we would be together in this way, and I didn’t think this would happen and potentially this is the most healing thing,” Carole said.


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