By Marc Woodfork

Johnny Knoxville, king of destroying his own body for the sake of humor, returns to the big screen in “Action Point.” Knoxville plays the owner of an amusement park that sacrifices safety for fun. Anything goes at his park.

Those who are fans of the very popular MTV show “Jackass” will definitely swarm to the theaters for this one. Imagine “Jackass’ with a storyline. You get everything you would expect. Lots of locker room humor, crude adult language and of course the physical daredevil stunts by Knoxville himself.

It’s a wonder that Knoxville is still walking the Earth after all the damage he’s put his body through. During this production, he broke more of his bones and had more concussions than any other project he’s been involved with – including all the “Jackass” episodes.

A fun game to play while watching the film is to try and guess which stunts actually caused a broken bone or concussion during filming. The movie is silly, but that’s what you want from Knoxville, an evening of laughs.


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