North Highlands (CBS13) – Neighbors come to the rescue of man caught in a domestic dispute that turned violent in North Highlands Saturday.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department confirms a suspect driving a U-Haul truck started repeatedly ramming a smaller car while a man was inside.

It happened outside a home in the 5900 block of Gilman Way.

Tiffany Muldrow and her husband live just a few doors down from the incident and witnessed it unfold.

“We see somebody in the car, so my husband took off running down the street, and I ran to get the phone to call 911,” Muldrow said.

The chaotic scene intensified as the sedan became pinned against a tree and continued to get pounded by the U-Haul. The angry U-Haul driver backed up and drove forward repeatedly, and in the process, inadvertently struck a woman who was standing nearby and holding a baby, Muldrow alleges.

“And when he backed up, he hit her while she had the baby in her hands, sending her flying backwards,” she said. “She looked like she was OK, I mean, she was very shaken. The baby was fine. Her legs (the woman) were hurt.”

Meanwhile, Muldrow’s husband and two other neighbors jumped in to intervene, somehow managing to pull the man from the truck and pinning him to the ground until sheriff’s deputies arrived and took him into custody.

“He told my husband just point blank ‘I was trying to kill him,’” Muldrow said.

The victim was reportedly bleeding badly and had suffered a leg injury.

“It’s crazy, but it was nice to see the community come together. Everybody ran out and tried to help,” said Muldrow.

The sheriff’s department says CHP is taking over the investigation. They have yet to release the name of the suspect and possible charges.


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