SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — People don’t have to wait until election day to vote. Across the state, millions have already mailed or dropped off their pink ballots, thanks to a new voting law that allows you to vote early.

But with the convenience, comes concerns over duplicate ballots.

Van Shankar says he received a second ballot in the mail after he renewed his driver’s license at the DMV.

“I was concerned how many times does it happen?” he said.

The Sacramento County elections office doesn’t track how many times its system mails out duplicates.

But Interim Registrar of Voters Alice Jarvo says it’s not uncommon, particularly if voters change their registration information.

“It could prompt an automatic second ballot to go out to the person,” she said.

Don’t worry she says, the county only counts one ballot.

“Anyone who thinks they can vote twice because they got two ballots, they need to think again,” she said.

She says duplicate ballots will be flagged and the voter will be in trouble.
And the voter – in trouble.

For now, elections workers are inspecting envelopes – not for possible fraud.
But for human error. Ballots with tears, creases, even coffee stains… can get rejected from ballot scanners.

For Shankar, it’s a process he’s counting on.

“I hope it’s fair. I mean how many people are voting that shouldn’t be voting?” he said.


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