NORTH HIGHLANDS (CBS13) – The victim who was injured after being rammed repeatedly by a suspect in a U-Haul truck over the weekend is battered and bruised but says the outcome could have been a lot worse.

“Apparently there’s a bruise on my back, here. I got a couple of cuts here on my arm, some cuts on my knuckles, not too too much. I’m just lucky to be alive,” said Ronald Keyes Jr.

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Ronald Keyes Jr. says he jumped into the car to protect himself from the driver.

He was visiting a friend at a residence off Gilman Way in North Highlands on Saturday, when out of nowhere, an angry man in a U-Haul came barreling toward him. Keys took the first and most major blows to his legs before jumping into the car for protection.

“Struck the car, kept on the gas, backed up, struck the car again, kept on the gas, backed up, struck again. Meanwhile, my legs were in the way” he said.

Credit: Tiffany Muldrow

The homeowner says the U-Haul suspect is her jealous ex-boyfriend, but she said she and Keyes aren’t even dating.

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“I don’t know the man. I’ve never seen him. Honestly, I thought he was the landlord at the time” Keyes said.

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Another woman on scene was also struck by the U-Haul while holding her baby. Keyes says she was simply an innocent bystander but believes the suspect, in his rage,  wanted to take them all out – and even said so.  “He said, ‘them.’ All three of them.”

Several men from the neighborhood were finally able to wrestle the U-Haul suspect out of the truck and Keyes says he’s grateful.

“It’s just an amazing thing. Those people saw their opportunity. They all came together as one. They pulled that man out the car and held him down until the police came to pick him up. It was a beautiful thing” he said.

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The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department responded to the initial call but says CHP is now handling the investigation. CHP has yet to release the name of the suspect and the formal charges.