By Kelly Ryan

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It’s a strip mall residents have been complaining about for years, saying the property owner is neglecting the property and letting it fall into blight.

“Dilapidated, filthy, hazardous and dangerous.”

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That’s how Jodie Pearson describes part of El Camino Plaza, the strip mall just around the corner from her house.

“You’ve got broken glass, drug paraphernalia, bird droppings. There are so many health hazards around here.”

Neighbors and businesses say they’ve complained for more than three years since Mike’s Supermarket left. The market left for much the same reason, saying the owner wouldn’t fix needed repairs.

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Frustrated residents and businesses have signed a petition addressed to the plaza owners asking them to make repairs, rent the market and put up signs barring overnight parking.

A similar petition sent to the owners last fall got no response.

Many residents put part of the blame on the county, saying it’s being too lenient with what they see as blight in the making.

A Sacramento County spokesman says code enforcement takes the complaints seriously and has done everything code enforcement has asked.

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Sacramento County Supervisor Susan Peters, who represents the area did not respond to our questions.