By Marc Woodfork

Set in a not too distant bleak future where civil unrest is the norm due to the shortage of water,  ‘Hotel Artemis’ stars Jodi Foster as a nurse who runs the hotel which is actually an exclusive upscale urgent care for criminals.  Criminals pay a membership fee that entitles them access whenever they are in need of medical help.  Anything from knife wounds, to gunshot wounds and everything in-between.

‘Hotel Artemis’ is a highly original concept, with a very good script to match.  Alongside Jodi Foster is an incredible ensemble cast.  The entire cast plays their roles to perfection.  Jodi Foster holds the story together and is incredible.  Most filmgoers will pass on this one, but I highly recommend watching this film.  Unfortunately,  I think it will get lost in the shuffle of the summer movie madness.   This is certainly one of the best films so far this year.  The studio should have held this for a later release.    I can only hope Academy voters will remember this when it comes time to vote at the end of the year.

‘Hotel Artemis’ is violent and graphic, so not one for the kids.  From the opening scene, the film holds your interest till the end.  The script is smart, the dialogue is intriguing and there’s just enough action to quench the bloodlust that some audiences need without being gratuitous.  My only criticism would be that I wanted more backstory.  But that is of little concern once you become vested in the main plot.  Six months into the year and ‘Hotel Artemis’ is the first must-see, do-not-miss film.


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