SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Sacramento Public Library is starting an online book club for gamers.

Starting this weekend, Gamer Book Club participants can join the livestream on Twitch and chat with the book author. The book clubs will feature books written about gaming, game design, and gamer culture.

The librarian organizing the Gamer Book Club, Dylan Holmes, hopes to engage a younger audience. “This is especially appealing to a younger audience who is used to watching discussion through YouTube and Twitch. We want to reach people that the Library isn’t already reaching.”

The first author talk is Saturday, June 16 from 2-4 pm and focuses on a collection of game design essays, A Theory of Fun, written by Ralph Koster. It is available in print, or as an eBook, at the library.

The first hour will be a discussion with the author, librarians, community members, and local teens. The second hour will be a Q&A with Twitch audience members.

The 2nd Gamers Book Club is Saturday, July 21 with Cara Ellison- the author of Embed With Games- which profiles game developers and details how games are made.

The 3rd in the series is Saturday, August 18 and will feature two authors: Dr. Kocurek, who wrote Coin-operated Americans, and Dr. Chess, who wrote Ready Player Two. both books explore how gamer culture and identity has changed through the years.

The livestreams are available on Twitch. They’ll be posted on YouTube afterwards.


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