GATINEAU, Que. (KDKA) – A Canadian man was sentenced after forcing his young daughter to sit at the dinner table for 13 hours to eat her Brussels sprouts.

The Ottawa Citizen reports the Quebec man reportedly forced the eight-year-old to sit at the table, not allowing her to use the bathroom or change even after she soiled herself.

The girl was reportedly shivering and suffering from hypothermia and eventually agreed to eat the Brussels sprouts but immediately threw them up.

It was only then that the girl was permitted to take a shower and go to bed.

The sentence for the 2016 case was handed down in January.

The 42-year-old father was sentenced to four months to be served in the community as well as a fee of a $500 charitable donation.

The father is reportedly a junior college professor.

The Citizen also reports the father kept one remaining Brussels sprout on her plate for the daughter to eat when she woke up.

[H/T CBS Pittsburgh]


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