By Marc Woodfork

Hard to believe it has been fourteen years since we last saw the first family of superheroes. But they are back and better than before. Certainly worth the wait.  Incredibles 2 picks up at a time when superheroes have been deemed more menace than helpful. All the superheroes have been forced to live in seclusion and keep their powers secret.

A new villain arises and the family must come out of hiding to deal with the new threat. Only this time, the family is solicited to help but to ease the transition, Elastigirl is asked to participate by herself. Which leaves a jealous and hurt Mr. Incredible, made to stay at home with the kids.

Incredibles 2 is a lot of fun. As expected, Pixar tells a great story with likable characters and brilliant writing. I would argue that this film is better than many of Marvels’ live-action films. It takes time to get going but once it kicks in, hold on for quite a roller coaster ride. The best scenes come from the least expected character. Plenty of action, lots of comedy. Fun for every member of the family.

Although it’s animated, ‘Incredibles 2’  works on as many levels as any live action film. That’s the beauty of Pixar. Their ability to translate real suspense, emotion, drama and depth into an animated universe. Watching the film, you don’t feel as though you’re watching a cartoon. While not the best Pixar film, it fits into their top five very easily. A must see.


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