By Carlos Correa

MODESTO (CBS13) — Police in Modesto are looking for the person or people responsible for the death of a brother and sister whose bodies were found at a mobile home park.

Detectives have deemed the investigation a double homicide, but their deaths remain a mystery.

Police are not disclosing the circumstances surrounding the murders, but want to make sure the small community knows there is no cause for concern.

Marc Abenoja was home the night Modesto Police flooded his front yard.

“I went out and I noticed that there are people going inside and you know, more, later on, more policemen and Secret Service came over,” he said.

Police were called after the bodies of John Parodi, 69, and his sister Debra, 59, were found next door. Neighbors said they didn’t know them that well, but always saw their truck and motorcycle parked out front.

“In his truck, there is a sticker for Marine Corps so that is what I told them. I really didn’t communicate, not really. Just hi and he doesn’t even say hi to me,” he said.

Investigators said the siblings shared a home at the Coralwood Mobile Home Park. Neighbors said the brother had just moved in not too long ago.

“It’s very tragic for the community and I am sure to the residence in the mobile home park our concern but we do have enough information to let them know that this seems like an isolated event,” said Sharon Bear, Modesto Police Department.

Detectives said they are not releasing the cause of death, but are ruling the case, homicide. They urge anyone with information to contact crime stoppers, as they continue to look for suspects.

“Our detectives are following every lead and they’re really working this case to help find resolution for the families,” he said.

Managers at the mobile home park posted letters on people’s doors notifying them of the incident. They are also making themselves available for any questions or concerns.


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