We are enjoying temperatures 5 to 10 degrees cooler in Sacramento than we were at this time on Wednesday. Yesterday, we topped out in the triple digits.

Sacramento-area 7-Day Forecast

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We’re pushing into the 90s for a little while and then getting back in the 80s for multiple days — courtesy of a trough and a bit of an onshore flow.

Sacramento 7-day forecast


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The marine layer over toward the coast is only about 1,000 feet thick, so not a significant amount of cooling as a result from that today but we’ll start to see more cloud cover setting up over along the coast. A trough is going to be, for the most part, a dry situation. It’s just going to cool us down. High pressure is going to really build out to the west but not really going to affect us.

So here’s what’s going to happen: High pressure stays off to the west. Lower pressure comes in, that continues to cool it down. Highs tomorrow for the most part about 85 and 90 degrees, which is exactly where we should be for this time toward the tail end of spring. We’ll be even cooler just in time for Saturday we’ll get that cooler air to come on in here. And this, of course, will be getting us into the low- and mid-80s for Saturday and Sunday. In fact, Sunday Father’s Day is looking great.

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We’re looking at about maybe 85 to 90 degrees tomorrow. And if we do see deep 90s, it’s going be down into the deserts of Southern California — Arizona probably getting into portions of Southern Nevada. So a bit breezy can have some gusts around 20 to 25 in some spots in the Central Valley for tomorrow. In the Sierra could have some gusts of 35 around the lake stronger gusts up at the shops and a decent sea breeze coming in 20 to 30, clouds early, partly cloudy skies by the afternoon and mid-60s right along the coast for San Francisco and Monterey. We’re rolling toward a cool down for Friday and a very nice weekend coming up. So have yourself a great afternoon and evening!