By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A new report shows the Sacramento City Unified School District suspends black students more than any other school district in the state.

The report, published in partnership with the Greater Sacramento NAACP, shows Sac City Unified suspended 887 black male students in the 2016-17 school year.

In Sacramento, the number equals a full twenty percent of the district’s total male black student population.

The report showed the other districts in the top 5 for suspensions of black males were Los Angeles Unified, Elk Grove Unified, Fresno Unified and Oakland Unified.

In all Sacramento County public schools, the report showed male suspension rates for African-American students at 19.5%, compared to 10.1% for Native Americans, 8.8% for Pacific Islanders, 7.8% for Latinos, 6.6% for Whites, 2.4% for Asians, and 2.2% for Filipinos.

CBS13 asked The Sacramento Unified School District for an explanation of the disproportionate suspension statistics.

“Really what needs to happen in Sacramento City Unified School District is we need to have the ability to identify what a student needs,” chief communications officer Alex Barrios said.

Asked for a further explanation of what led to Sacramento City Unified leading the state in black male suspensions Barrios replied, “I mean, we really want to go back to what we’re trying to do,”

After more questions, he called the numbers unacceptable.

“So to us, it’s completely not acceptable, of course,” Barrios said.

Greater Sacramento NAACP President Betty Williams said the numbers need to change immediately.

Williams says she may seek legal action if the district doesn’t make policy changes.

“Either you make a change now, or we can go to court and you can make the change later,” Williams said.

Williams said she intends to hold town hall meetings showing the report findings in full. She hopes to partner at some of the town hall meetings with the Sacramento Unified School District.

Read the full report here:

  1. I am of course shocked but not surprised by the results of this study as I hear of these issues all too frequently within the community.

    I also feel fairly certain as I have also heard, I believe right here on CBS Sacramento that matters are even worse for black students within the Elk Grove School District.

    We are all human beings, regardless of race, creed, color, religious beliefs, sexual preferences or of course…our gender and we should all be treated as equals.

    I have every confidence that NAACP President, Betty Williams will take every step necessary and possible to make certain that all students are treated equally.

    Donald Tenn

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