Happy last Friday of spring! The leading edge of a cooling trend across Northern California is here. On Saturday, we’ll be smack dab in the low- to mid-80s and maybe in the upper-70s.

Sacramento-area 7-Day Forecast

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Be prepared for some cool weather for the last weekend of this season. We’ll have fair skies and some areas of low clouds over toward the coast. Some of that stuff may actually push all the way into the delta to get started tomorrow. The trough will continue to dig down. A low-pressure area is just going to set up camp on top of us and may actually draw some moisture up during the early morning hours on late Saturday into Sunday. We might see a sprinkle or something over toward the Bay Area.

Sacramento 7-day forecast

We’ll have something in the northern portion of the state and may, on Sunday, have something in the high country in the form of a shower or a storm…we’ll just have to see it all comes together. High pressure will continue out to the west and it’s going to stay over the Eastern Pacific. It’s going to kind of set up camp over the top of us and cool us down. We’re drawing from that moisture, and things will get a little unsettled in the northern part of the state for tomorrow.

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Moisture that came up from the south will then get pulled up, or at least, gets fired up as we go over toward the coast down to the south. That could be something in the Bay Area for the early morning hours of Sunday. By Sunday afternoon, the northern part of the state and maybe the Sierra could see a shower. After that, a ridge will build back on in and temperatures will warm up just a little bit as you go toward the tail end of spring.

Highs tomorrow, for the most part, are in the 80s or barely into the 90s down into the desert of Southern California and South Western Arizona. We may also have a thunderstorm in the northern portion of the state in the afternoon.

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