SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Regional Transit is implementing new rules to keep its riders safe from animal attacks.

“The worst case scenario is someone brings a dog on a train that’s not tethered properly, that’s not in a carrier, so people are at risk,” said Lt. Lisa Hinz with RT.

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Officials are seeing a growing problem with people riding along with their not so trained four-legged friends.

“It’s just a national problem where people are bringing their pets into public platforms and it’s not the right place for that, so people can bring their pets, we’re just asking that they follow our rules,” she said.

It’s caused a canine crackdown and there are updated policies now. Only dogs trained to perform a specific task are allowed. This includes guide dogs, service animals, and signal animals.

Emotional support, therapy and comfort animals not included and must be caged and on a riders lap like any other pet.

“Emotional support animals have a vital role in people’s lives and we understand that, but unfortunately they have not been trained like a service animal,” said Wendy Williams, Director of Marketing for RT.

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That’s why they’ve posted new signs to alert riders about its policy.

“It’s in line with the American Disabilities Act so that it complies completely and also explains to the person about a pet an emotional support animal is not a service animal. It is not a guide dog,” said Williams.

“Any of this can turn serious, so we need to protect our passengers and we need to protect the animals, so we have to put rules in place to keep people safe,” Hinz added.

So even though you may see what literally looks like a pet-friendly train painted on the side in colorful artwork, it doesn’t mean your Fido is welcome on board.

Riders who notice problem dogs can report it through their RT app.

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At this point, officers won’t give violators a ticket, they’ll kindly just be asked to leave.