By Dave Bender

We’re about 45 degrees warmer than we were 24 hours ago. We do have a hint of some cooling on the way. Get ready…triple digits are coming to Sacrament on the first full day of summer (Friday).

Sacramento-area 7-Day Weather Forecast

Saturday is also expected to get up to 100 degrees. We also have just a little bit of a dip in the atmosphere and that is going to be actually kind of welcome. It’s going to keep the high in check tomorrow as well as Thursday. For tomorrow we may actually have a decent little Delta breeze to keep us between about 90 and 95 degrees. We may cool down just a little bit. Along the coast, we may see a little fog and drizzle to start out the day and we’re talking upper 60s for highs there. It’s going be rather warm in the Sierra with daytime highs into the 80s. The high pressure will be held in check with a warmer degree or two on Thursday.

Sacramento 7-day forecast

The real deal is the first full day of summer. Summer gets in here in the early morning hours of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Look for daytime highs on into the 100s. Prior to that, we’ll keep it between 90 and 95 as we go on into Wednesday. It’ll be sunny and a bit breezy — a nice Delta breeze, maybe gusting to 25 miles per hour. It’ll be warm in the mountains with 80 to 85 and patchy fog along the coast. We’ll maybe have a little morning drizzle and cloud cover to start. In the afternoon we’ll be clearing in the mid- to upper-60s, near 70 along the coast for San Francisco and Monterey.