By Steve Large

MANTECA (CBS13) — An 84-year-old Manteca jewelry store owner is taking extreme measures after would-be thieves targeted her store and she says police haven’t done enough.

“I love jewelry,” New York Diamonds jewelry store owner Patty Reece said.

Reece has a great laugh. Now she’s training to have great aim.

“Well I’m a little upset,” Reece said.

She’s learning how to fire a weapon, and applying to carry one legally.

“A concealed weapon permit,” Reece said.

The 84-year-old is taking extreme measures to protect her shop and doing her own detective work after a break-in caught on her store surveillance cameras.

“I just think it’s time somebody knocks off the baloney,” Reece said.

Her video shows burglars breaking through the glass doors of New York Diamonds. At one point the burglars have an exchange with a man walking by with a bike, then go back to work.

They eventually were scared away before getting inside.

“This was sort of an embarrassment,” Reese said.

Reese has framed photos of Manteca police hanging on her walls. She says she has donated to their K-9 unit. Now she’s disappointed with the department for not following up the surveillance video. The break-in was more than a month ago.

“All the time went by and no one did anything,” Reece said.

Manteca police admit to a mix-up. They say they’re on the case now.

“They gave me an explanation, yes,” Reece said.

Only now this jewelry store owner has already started her own crime watch.

Known for her diamond displays for decades. Now at 84 she is protecting her business, by any means necessary.

“I’m not looking for them,” Reece said. “I just want to take care of them if they come.”


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