By Angela Greenwood

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Disappointment in Del Paso Heights as a public pool closes early for the summer.

The $6 million pool at Grant Union High School was built in 2017 and was supposed to be a place where the entire community could cool off, but that won’t be the case this summer.

The pool closed to the public just as summer started. Terrible timing for some little league players who live in Del Paso Heights and practice right across the field.

“I’m mad because we cant go swimming,” 12-year-old Domislo Jackson said.

The pool at Grant Union High School made a splash in the Del Paso Heights community when it first opened. Community members say it was packed with kids last summer, but this summer it’s closed for construction until Aug. 20.

“It should be open during summer not at the end of summer when everyone’s going back to school,” said Jackson.

It’s a temporary closure according to the Twin Rivers Unified School District, while bleachers and a sunshade are installed in the pool area. The district also says it had to fix damage caused by vandalism. Despite the no trespassing signs mounted on the pool’s gate, little league coach John Burnside says he’s witnessed kids climbing the pool gates to get into the water.

“It’s a danger. You had kids there 4, 5 years old and there’s no lifeguard,” says Burnside.

Burnside says the public space is about more than just cooling off.

“This could be a deterrent for a lot of juvenile delinquent stuff that’s going on.”

Burnside says it’s also a place to strengthen an underprivileged community.

“You have nowhere to go. You’re not going to the pool so now you’re hanging out on the streets,” said Burnside.

In a statement, Twin Rivers Unified District said in part, “While we understand the needs in the community, we must first ensure that the construction is complete for the start of the new school year before we open to the public.”

District officials also say they are working to secure lifeguards to have in place when construction is completed at the end of August.


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