By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Capitol Park is one of the most popular destinations in California, but it’s also home to a mess that has the state fining itself.

Officials say a growing number of transients have made themselves at home here, and they leave their mark.

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“I literally just walked around a couple of specimens,” said Antoine Collins who lives nearby.

Antoine Collins says he walks by human waste sometimes.

But state maintenance workers with the Department of General Services complained to Cal OSHA, that they have to clean it up, along with other biohazardous material from blood to needles. And without the proper hazmat gear, equipment, and training.

State safety inspectors slapped DGS with a $3,270 fine. D.G.S says in part, “It’ll pay the fine …and continue to ensure employees work in a safe environment.”

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But advocates say the issue highlights a worsening homeless crisis.

Just last year, authorities found a man’s body lying on a bench in the park’s rose garden.

And a 2017 census report found Sacramento has 30 percent more homeless people than the previous year.

“We have a huge homeless problem here, and until these people take care of the problem, they need to use the bathroom,” Collins said.

But DGS says it just spent about $340,000 to renovate the restrooms here. Problem is, transients tell us, hours are limited during the week and off limits on weekends after 4 p.m., giving them few options and state workers, a hefty load.

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“Get it together California,” said Collins.