By Lemor Abrams

WINTERS (CBS13) – The County Fire forced the town of Winters to cancel its Fourth of July fireworks show.

This town would typically be bustling today but the smoke is still heavy and its downtown is nearly deserted.

The smoke from the County Fire is so heavy along Highway 16 in Yolo County, it’s pushing people out of Winters. And as people head to neighboring Woodland for fireworks shows, local businesses are taking a hit.

Steady Eddy’s Coffee House on the corner of Main Street would normally be busy with folks heading up to Lake Berryessa.

But the lake is also blanketed by smoke as the County Fire rages on behind it. Back at Steady Eddy’s, employees decided to close a little early.

“This would be their stop either to or from the lake. Today…not getting that business,” said.

And if Winters residents aren’t in Woodland, they may be in Davis as both cities are hosting July 4 fireworks shows.


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