MESA, Ariz. (KPHO/KTVK) — A disabled veteran in Mesa wanted a remodeled pool and she got one for free thanks to the generosity of a pool company owner, who is also a veteran.

Linda Webb served in the military for 10 years as a medic and then worked as a nurse for 40 years.

After she suffered a spinal cord injury, she relies on a wheelchair and a walker to get around.

She had asked Above & Beyond Pool Remodeling about turning her pool at her Mesa house that she shares with her husband into a therapy pool.

Michael Sandoval, the owner of the company, came and started doing measurements and listening to Webb’s story.

“It hit me right in the heart,” said Sandoval.

That’s when he said he decided he was going to turn her regular pool into a therapy pool for free.

“He gave me a gorgeous pool, landscaping, pool decking, tile. It’s just been a blessing,” said Webb.

“Good things need to happen, need to happen to these veterans that put their lives on the line at one point. We need to do something for them and she wasn’t asking for anything,” said Sandoval.

Above & Beyond Pool Remodeling teamed up with Hayward and Noble Pool Tile to complete the pool remodel.

“What we’re getting out of this deal is priceless. You can’t put on price on the feeling we are able to help a veteran that can’t repay us. This is awesome. We’re blessed that we’re able to do it,” said Sandoval.

“And it happened and I’m just in hog heaven,” said Webb.

Webb says she plans to exercise in her new pool so she can get the strength to ditch the walker and go back to work.

“He came in at the right time into my life,” said Webb. “He went above and beyond.”

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