STOCKTON (CBS13) — Five hooded suspects terrorized a family but the attempted home invasion took an unexpected turn.

The terrifying moments happened early on Friday morning and ended with chaos and gunfire.

At 3 a.m. on Friday morning, cameras caught a hooded suspect with a flashlight looking into a car, searching for anything valuable. He goes to the other vehicle doing the same thing, taking glances at the security camera.

This time though, he found a garage door opener and motioned to his buddies that they had a hit.

While this was all going down, Jennifer Mendoza’s 18-year-old son thought he was hearing something.

“He said he looked out the window and he didn’t see any car, so that alerted him right away,” she said.

He looked out his second-floor window and saw hooded bad guys show up, five in all, plotting their next move. They were looking to get into the house through the garage.

That’s when her son made his move and sent them scrambling when they heard his footsteps running down the stairs. He opened the door and chase them down the street when one of them started firing.

The shots missed, but he went inside and alerted his mom.

“I made a mistake by leaving my garage controller on my visor,” she said. “I’ve heard of it happening, but I never thought, ‘Oh, it’s going to happen to me.'”


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