TRACY (CBS13) – A Tracy man is recovering from severe wounds after being gored by a bull.

The bizarre incident happened Wednesday, the Fourth of July, when 69-year-old Walter “Dean” King went to check out a used car he saw for sale on a nearby rural property.

“I didn’t even see the bull,” King said.

But, apparently, he says the bull saw him and made an aggressive charge.

“At that point I remember feeling the horn go in. Then it kind of went fuzzy,” he said.

Knocked to the ground dazed and confused, King says he managed to crawl between a bush and the side of the house on the property. The bull he says was still standing over him, probing his legs and snorting.

King says he layed there for 20 minutes.

“I was going to die. Yup. I really thought I was going to die,” King said.

King finally heard a pick-up truck drive nearby honking its horn, so he yelled for help. He was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and underwent surgery.

“I think it was over three hours,” he said.

King was injured so badly he could have bled out and died, but he and his family have a theory as to why he survived.

“It’s karma,” he said. “I pulled a woman out of a fire many years ago, like in the 70s.”

But according to his doctor, it was King’s size that shielded his organs from the horns of the bull.

“If I was skinny I wouldn’t have survived,” King said with a laugh. “My fat kept me from dying. That’s what he told me. He said ‘This is one case where you had better be glad you’re fat.’”

King says he doesn’t want the bull put down, but hopes the owners will be more careful when it comes to their animals, especially since they have a car advertised for sale and the public is stopping by to look. He worried that if a child had stumbled onto the property things could have turned out a lot worse.


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