DIXON (CBS13) – Some residents are planning to protest the Dixon’s vice mayor during a council meeting Tuesday night.

Ted Hickman recently wrote an editorial using homophobic slurs and calling for “straight pride month.”

UPDATE: Protesters Call For Dixon Vice Mayor To Step Down Over Remarks


In the article, published in late June in an independent local newspaper and on his personal website, Hickman referred to gay men as faries (sic).

An online petition to remove Hickman from office has gained traction and now has more than 20,000 signatures.

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In a statement, Dixon’s Mayor Thom Bogue said he was concerned by the column saying, “Vice Mayor Hickman should have realized as a public servant he represents all segments of people regardless if they are LGBTQ, straight or otherwise.”

Independent Voice Publisher Dave Scholl said his and his columnist’s constitutional rights are under attack.

“Having a free press is absolutely required for a free society. I will not tolerate attempts to silence a newspaper,” Scholl said.

Scholl said the newspaper has lost some advertisers since the publication of Hickman’s column, but has also gained some.

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Dixon’s Chief of Police Robert Thompson released a statement late Tuesday morning, asking for people who plan to attend the city council meeting tonight to adhere to decorum.

“I’m asking attendees to use their voice to express the depth of their passion and conviction, and pay others the same courtesy,” Thompson wrote. “Being respectful of the process, investing in it, keeps the focus where it belongs; on the speech, not the speaker. Don’t hijack the message by making the focus on the messenger.”

Thompson notes there will be more officers than usual at the meeting, but no city councilmember specifically asked for the extra protection.

Hickman has declined to give a comment to CBS13 about the situation.

He’s up for re-election in November.

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  1. Where do I sign up? I want to march in that parade.

  2. Any excuse to “protest.” Don’t any of these lefty clowns have real jobs?

    1. Shawn Tyler says:

      I think that IS their job.

  3. Whats the problem? LGBTQLMNOP are gross and deranged people

  4. John Kafir says:

    His language was probably not the best possible, but if others can have a pride march, why not heterosexuals???

  5. “homophobic slurs and calling for “straight pride month.” What? Do you mean to tell me that LGBTQ does not believe in equal rights? If they can have a Gay Pride Parade why can’t Straight people have theirs? We are proud too? Or are you only interested in oppressing those who believe differently than you? Try moving to Saudi Arabia and see what happens? The same thing you are trying to do with straight (Not Gay) people.

  6. Those who are always demanding tolerance and equal rights are the most intolerant of all. The man has a First Amendment right to express his OPINIONS without costing him his job. Why do homosexuals insist that no one else has the right to mention them and their tactics?

    1. Your information is flawed. The First Amendment protects speech from GOVERNMENT interference, not from Private Employers …

      1. David Smith says:

        It was the government making Christians participate in gay ceremonies which has so far been ruled unconstitutional. Why should Gays have an issue with the government being anti gay if it’s also pro gay?

  7. Removing a guy from office because he has poor spelling seems a bit much.

  8. everyone knows not to call a qweer a fairy, there’s no F in the acronym, but there is a Q.

  9. Fairies wear boots, I know, I’ve seen them with my very own eyes!
    Ozzie Osbourne

  10. Ron Styrker says:

    Progressives think the First Amendment is just for them…

  11. Came here from Drudge. Left for http://www.PressCalifornia.com for more real California news.

    1. Heres all the cali news you’ll ever need to know:
      Demented Jerry Brown , has raised taxes again and let out more felons
      Cali legislature, has raised taxes again and let out more felons
      illegals run the state and citizens are fed-up are leaving
      That’s it

  12. Fair is fair. I’d march in it. I’m the most non-homophobic person there is. Love is love. But why NOT have pride in your preference?

  13. The sick, sad part of this story is that many heterosexual people have been so brainwashed by the media, into believing that homosexuality is “normal”. It is not. It is disordered. More importantly, it is a terribly sinful offense against God to engage in homosexual behavior.

    That being said, there is nor reason why homosexually inclined people should be denigrated in any way, but they certainly shouldn’t be praised for their disordered state of mind. That have a duty to God to control their homosexual proclivities, much like all of us have a duty to God to control our other sinful behaviors.

  14. Why should he be removed from office? Elected officials have free speech. An elected official can say mean and even offensive things under his/her first amendment rights.

    It is your right not to vote for that person. It is your right to protest that person. It is your right to politically assemble and participate in democracy. It is not your right to demand that everyone say nice things — well it’s your right to demand that, but it has no basis in fact and will be promptly ignored.

    And this goes both ways. The vice-mayor had the right to say what he wanted, and the people have their rights to protest his actions. Democracy isn’t always pretty. But that’s how it is supposed to work. Your rights don’t supersede others.

  15. sticknca says:

    A Hetero Pride parade?
    The next you know, there will be a White History month.

    1. ricardoqueso says:

      dat’s so raysiss…

    2. Listen up snowflake and let this sink in. I never owned any slaves and you never picked any cotton. BLM, KKK, Nazis, Communists are all from the same feather. Here ends the lesson. I don’t owe you sh*t.

  16. ricardoqueso says:

    So, he is possibly going to be removed from office for stating facts and having a good idea for a march? Welcome to Commiefornia.

  17. muneshadowe says:

    The intolerant left once again showing how truly intolerant they truly are.

  18. How is it controversial to be straight. Who gets to decide?

  19. Since gays have become so militant, so hateful, so judgemental i have no choice but to say i support this march.

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