DIXON (CBS13) — Emotions flared Tuesday night as protesters tried to push Dixon’s vice mayor, Ted Hickman, from his position.

For the first time since publishing an article calling for a Straight Pride American Month, Hickman addressed the public, as angry citizens filled a city council meeting.


Hickman started the meeting off by saying he did not give up his First Amendment rights when he became an elected official. Still, many argue this goes beyond free speech and demanded his resignation. Some say they at least expect an apology. Neither came.

“Any leader knows that words matter,” said one Dixon resident.

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His written words sparked international outrage, but on Tuesday, Hickman’s spoken words fell short on an unforgiving crowd, as he admitted to having just one regret about his controversial column appearing to attack the LGBT community.

“If I were to rewind time and write the column again, I would not use the words—sarcastically or not—of vice mayor, because I see where that may be unacceptable to some. That’s all I have to say,” said Hickman.

With no apology issued, dozens of citizens called on him to step down.

Dixon resident Alex Lopez said, “I care for you Mr. Hickman, I care about what you say, about what you write, about what you do. So, I ask that you do something good for the community and resign.”

Hickman recently made headlines after calling for a Straight Pride American Month and using derogatory language to describe gay men in a local paper.

“I kept reading and thought this can’t be real,” said Liam Pourner.

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As people packed into council chambers, a spillover crowd watched from outside where a lone counter-protester, a chiropractor who traveled from Santa Clara, drew his own crowd as he defended Hickman and what he says is actually an attack on heterosexuals.

“This is a cultural battle. He’s just trying to have one straight pride,” said Dan Gruddman, Chairman of California Constitution Party.”

But for the majority of people who showed up, it’s about acceptance for all and holding elected officials accountable.

“I do think for sure the rules committee needs to be convened,” said Dixon City Councilman Devin Minnema.

Minnema says he believes Hickman violated the city code of conduct and says he will push for punishment.

“We have three options that are available to us- admonishment, reprimand and censure.”

There was also an effort to recall Hickman, but that is stalled at this point because legally a recall can’t happen within six months of an election. Hickman is running for re-election in November.

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  1. I thought the whole point of multiculturalism was that all cultures are equally valid. If LGBTQWERTY can have a Pride parade, why can’t straight folks?

  2. Kate Joyce says:

    There is no stigma to being straight. No one is beaten up or even killed for being straight. No one has to “come out” to their family as straight and risk rejection (40% of all homeless teenagers were kicked out of their homes for being LGBT). And that’s why there is no need for having a straight pride month…because EVERY month is straight pride month.

    I don’t think people should lose their jobs over making stupid comments. But it certainly shows that he’s tone deaf and doesn’t understand the the world outside of his narrow little view.

    1. Yeah, except if you’re a straight cis-gendered white male – then its open season on persona non grata.

    2. Where we can help support Hickman against the Lavender Mafia?

    3. Try and not be a slave to a gay couple’s wedding in Oregon and see the depth of your own bigotry. Live and let live. Not everyone will like you. Just get over it.

    4. Kate Joyce – “Balanced Integer” has the majority viewpoint NOT as you stated a “narrow little view”. Without the majority viewpoint of sexuality being between a man and a woman there wouldn’t be an audience for this outlandish narrow viewpoint that you undoubtedly possess. “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop” has never been more appropriate than it is today’s post-modernist culture.

  3. When we said “tolerance” and “Inclusion”, we didn’t mean for you.

  4. The left wants tolerance for all unless you happen to be a heterosexual, white male. In that case, they secretly hope that you will overdose on opiods and disappear from the planet.

  5. Jason Kassis says:

    What’s wrong with having pride about being straight? These protestors are no doubt the same people who preach “tolerance” yet their definition of that word is a one way street.

    1. bvikay says:

      Stralght= normal. End of discussion.

  6. Today you can attach “pride” to every gender, color, or culture except white, straight, or male…And their triggered reaction to this statement proves that very point. So if you grow up in today’s climate as a white straight male, you’re encouraged to become a self loathing cuck.

  7. Awesome idea! Hetero Pride Parade!!!!

  8. lgbt pride = great
    black pride = great
    asian pride = great
    latino pride = great

    white, straight pride = RACIST

    hmm, somethings not equal here. smh

  9. You’d have thought I would have caught on back in ’04, but I’m becoming more and more aware that snowflakes are an extremely fragile lot.

  10. Mark says:

    The gay Left have no sense of humor (except when it’s them mocking others) And Leftists are increasingly intolerant. What’s wrong with ‘straight pride’? What’s wrong with being normal? Hickman deserves our support. Protect Free Speech. Protect dissent.

  11. We’ve had this before, and it’s time to have it again…it’s called “March for Jesus”

  12. zapman2016 says:

    Seriously? This is so pathetic, even for the left wing deviants (deviating or departing from the norm) they themselves are proof that anyone should have pride in themselves despite their lack of self esteem or imagined privilege.

  13. Well, I guess that proves intolerance for Christians, and their beliefs, and their 1st amendment rights. Who are these halfwits that think their rights trump ours?? I support you Mr. Hickman…stay the course.

  14. Straight Pride! I’m ALL IN!

  15. Good for you, Mr. Hickman – everyone has a right say what they think under the First Amendment. I see nothing wrong with having a Straight Pride parade, or a Straight Pride Month or whatever. If any subset of humankind – black, asian, latino, gay, whatever – has a celebration, then everyone has a right to the same kind of celebration, be it a month or a parade or whatever. Diversity comes in all shapes and sizes, and it is wrong to allow something for one but not for all.

  16. Mike Gilmer says:

    The left thinks you are evil if you are straight or white, and especially if you are both, so you have no right to be proud of those things.

  17. I am PROUD to be straight and have the right to celebrate it just like everyone else. Keep up the GREAT idea Ted Hickman and thanks for NOT caving in to the left and standing up for our rights as well. ANOTHER American Patriot standing up for what is right!

  18. I’m straight and I am proud of it. Just an average normal white guy.

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