WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A mother duck’s panic over her trapped ducklings was calmed by a group from a nearby anger management program.

Five ducklings fell down the West Sacramento storm drain, leaving their mother frantically looking for a solution. The ducklings were out of her reach.

A small army would quickly show up, with law enforcement, animal control and a group holding a meeting at The Center for Spiritual Awareness.

One of the men from the group saw the mother duck earlier in the evening with her ducklings. Later, she was by herself and panicked.

The group used a two-by-four to lift the grate and take a peek inside the watery darkness. There was no sign of the babies, just chirps and tweets.

One man jumped in and used a net to get three of the ducklings, then the other two. After a few frantic moments, the rescue was complete.

The man who jumped in to save the ducklings just happened to be in his first day of anger management courses. If the opposite of anger is a gentle soup, this group has already passed with flying colors.


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