By Dave Bender

We’re tracking monsoon moisture. You’re probably seeing some of those clouds streaming across the area. That’s actually being imported from northern Mexico.

Sacramento-area 7-Day Weather Forecast

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We’re also bringing in some pretty decent thunderstorm activity from about the south central Sierra down to the south and we’ll potentially have some of that get into maybe the areas right around Lake Tahoe a little later on tonight. It could be isolated storms there. And then beyond that we’ll have another chance of probably having some of that stuff around off and on during the day tomorrow right around the Lake Tahoe area and we’ll continue to be a bit unsettled with moisture up in the high country as we head on through the weekend.

Sacramento 7-day forecast
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We’ll probably get a pretty good band of clouds later tonight so that will make our overnight lows very, very muggy and very, very warm at 10 o’clock tonight. We may be right around 80 to 85 degrees in the Sacramento area in some places the morning lows may only get down into the upper 70s especially up into the foothills in those inversion layer areas like Forest Hill are right there around you know 2500 to 4000 feet or so. We’ll also be watching a little bit of something over here toward the coast potentially tonight we could have some dry lightning strikes maybe from San Francisco to the north. We’ll have to see.

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And it looks like we’ll continue to still be dealing with some of that moisture potentially in the high country for Saturday. And it looks like will be not cooling but maybe upper 90s tomorrow and then back into the upper 90s and lower hundreds as we head into the weekend. So definitely above average by about 45 degrees plus we’re throwing in a little bit of mugginess out there which could add a couple extra degrees to what it feels like on your body if you’re out and about. So just be extra careful. It is toasty. So clouds and around 95 to 100 for tomorrow in the Sacramento area and that’s going to be a little muggy as well so you’re going out to the state fair to keep that in mind. Thunderstorms definitely a possibility in the high country for tomrrow. Patchy fog over toward the west partial afternoon clearing and temperatures running in the upper 60s on into the low 70s.