By Steve Large

DUTCH FLAT (CBS13) – A deadly crash claimed the lives of a young Placer County woman and her boyfriend Thursday.

Placer County sheriff’s deputies are investigating the crash as a possible homicide and kidnapping case. Witnesses reported the woman had been forced into the truck in Dutch Flat.

Investigators used heavy equipment to pry the pickup truck from the Gold Run crash scene on westbound Interstate 80, after the violent collision wrapped its cab around a pine tree.

The sheriff’s department identified the pair as passenger Devyn Graham and driver Dayton Holden, listed on their Facebook pages as “in a relationship.”

Terry Nelson lives in Dutch Flat and says before the crash she watched the truck speed off from her street, moments after hearing a terrifying scream.

“The most horrible screaming I’ve ever heard in my life,” Nelson said. “I mean, TV movies couldn’t do it justice.”

Nelson ran up her driveway to help, but there was nothing she could do.

“This young lady she knew, you could tell from her scream, that she knew this wasn’t going to go well,” Nelson said.

Nelson says she called cops to report what she described as an abduction. Then she heard the crash three miles away.

“Just a minute or two later there was the boom. You could hear it all the way up here,” Nelson said

Vini Mutto was Devyn Graham’s Friend.

“She was an amazing friend, an amazing girl,” Mutto said.

A young couple is dead, now leaving investigators to determine why.

  1. Sounds like she tried to break it off, he didn’t take it well, abducted her, and killed them both.

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