SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Bradshaw Animal Shelter rescued 3 dogs they suspect were abused.

A Facebook post shows one of the dog’s with wounds around its face. The wounds are consistent with an ill-fitting muzzle or other type of tightly-wrapped material.

The one-year-old male Papillion mix was found Saturday at an apartment complex on Marconi Avenue and Lacy Lane. He is expected to make a full recovery. You’re asked to call 311 and reference 744883.

Credit: Bradshaw Animal Shelter

The other case involves two puppies found abandoned in a crate on Countryfield Drive near Gerber and Power Inn Road. The crate was too small for even one of the pups and they were found one of top of the other.

Credit: Bradshaw Animal Shelter

The dogs had cords tied tightly around their necks and no food or water. The dogs were found crying loudly.

Credit: Bradshaw Animal Shelter

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Bradshaw Animal Shelter says both dogs are expected to make a full recovery and are considered friendly, but they flinch when their heads are touched- which indicates past abuse.

Credit: Bradshaw Animal Shelter

Credit: Bradshaw Animal Shelter

If you have information call 311 and reference 744725 and 744723.


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