By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — People heartbroken by the death and devastation in Redding are banding together to help.

A Natomas woman behind one of the relief efforts was originally from Redding. Her family is among thousands who had to leave it all behind.

As entire Redding neighborhoods were reduced to ashes, and more families were forced to flee the Carr Fire, Chyna Anzaldua began packing up Monday and getting ready to head into the devastated region with a car full of donations and a heavy heart.

“It’s very hard to see what has happened there,” she said.

Anzaldua is originally from Redding. Her family and friends were evacuated after the monstrous fire devoured everything they had.

“So basically we’re just trying to go in with open arms and help everyone we possibly can,” she said.

She took to social media, pleading with the community to donate. Asking for anything from essentials, like socks and toilet paper, to kids-supplies like paint and coloring books.

She also turned her Sacramento tattoo shop, Paradise Ink into a temporary donation drop-off center.

In just a few hours, she managed to collect truckloads of goods, and recruit dozens of volunteers. The team hoped to personally deliver the donations to overflowing evacuation centers.

“I see personally, a community coming together with just pure humanity and compassion for others,” she said.

The Carr Fire has spurred similar citizen volunteer efforts. Animal shelters have sprouted up to take in pets. And charitable organizations like the American Red Cross and Salvation Army are accepting financial donations.

As for Anzaldua, she’s just hoping evacuees feel more like home again, in a place she too once called home.

“I know it’s going to be very difficult to drive into town and see the areas I have memories, gone,” she said.

The need for donations is still huge.


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