MANTECA (CBS13) — Many community members in Manteca are scared after an elderly Sikh man with disabilities was brutally attacked in a neighborhood park just blocks away from his home.

Sahib Singh Natt, 70, is recovering after he was attacked by two boys while taking his regular stroll around Greystone Park.

The entire incident was caught from a neighbor’s surveillance camera. It shows one of the suspects kicking Natt repeatedly to the ground after loved ones say the men demanded money.

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“They had a hoodie on, they were teenagers or maybe early 20s. One was dark-skinned and the other, a little bit lighter skin. They also showed him a gun,” said Parminder Singh Sahi, a family friend.

After the attack, the attackers left, then one of them came back. The video shows him kicking the victim three times before spitting on him.

“First they want money, and after that, when they spit then we think it’s because of our religion,” said Manjit Singh Virk, the victim’s son-in-law.

Family members are relieved the 70-year-old made it out alive. Neighbors, however, are fired up. They have been passing out flyers to notify people to the potential danger in their neighborhood.

“I’m not sure if it was for a robbery situation or if it was a hate crime situation. This is not our neighborhood, how this is. We don’t normally have this kind of situation,” said Michele Lazaro, a neighbor.

The incident comes after another Sikh man in the Keyes area was the target of a hate crime.

Members of the Sikh community, along with neighbors, are gathering at the park to talk about the incident.  They are being joined by city leaders and police.

Manteca police are investigating the matter as an attempted robbery. There is no indication the assault was a hate crime, but family members disagree.

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  1. Dennis Carrier says:

    A report on Twitter says that one of the attackers has been identified and both may be in custody. Suspect posted the victim’s pepper spray and necklace on Snapchat as a boast.

  2. Tony Walker says:

    We need to find the miscreants and punish them. If I would have seen that someone’s kid would be in the hospital. I will drive around the neighborhood more looking for punks like this.
    We should find out where they live and deal with their parents also if they have any, kids that do this usually don’t have daddies at home to straighten them out.

  3. Carlos Correa the reporter is an idiot, who ended his article on the story with this: “There is no indication the assault was a hate crime, but family members disagree.” How many muggers stop to kick and spit on a victim after they’ve got the $?

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