By Angela Greenwood

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — As wildfires continue to burn across California, smoky skies are blanketing the Sacramento region and people are starting to see health issues seep in because of it.

There’s no escaping it, whether smelling it or seeing it.

“It’s bad. It’s bad all around,” said Sacramento resident Hunter Morris.

Just step outside and you’re surrounded by it.

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“It’s nasty,” said Sacramento resident Jeff Purdie, “It’s hazy and it stinks.”

Smoke is still trickling in as massive wildfires scorch the state.

“Seeing all this smoke the haze and smelling it is super concerning,” said Rebekah Hagan who suffers from asthma.

Sutter Health emergency room doctor Adam Dougherty says it’s been a busy few weeks, especially for kids and people who suffer respiratory issues.

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“It’s a toxic exposure. It’s like second-hand smoke everywhere,” said Dougherty, “I’ve definitely seen more pediatric airway issues things you would normally see in January in the middle of flu season.”

Hagan said, “My eyes are irritated, I feel like it’s harder to breathe. All of my senses just kind of feel affected out of whack by it.”

Even people with no medical conditions are seeing smoke-related symptoms.

“I could feel the burn in my throat and kind of the itchy eyes. I almost felt like I was getting sick,” said Morris.

The hazy conditions are impacting health as the entire region waits for the smoke to clear.

“You just want it to go away so we can get back normal,” said Purdie.

So how do you protect yourself? Doctors say the best thing to do is stay inside if you can. If you can’t, they recommend people who are having a tough time with the smoky conditions to wear a mask while outdoors.

Angela Greenwood


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