By Angela Greenwood

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A Roseville man says a woman he hired to clean his home instead made off with his wife’s jewelry, just weeks after she passed away. Now there’s concern he wasn’t the only victim.

The Roseville widower was allegedly robbed of his late wife’s jewelry, and a housekeeper named Rachel Monahan is accused of the crime.

“It gets me kind of emotional because it’s like we’ve already been robbed of our mom, he’s already been robbed of his wife,” aid the man’s daughter, Amber Geiss.

Geiss says just weeks after her mothers passing, her father hired a house cleaner from her friend’s company called Maid For You Cleaning.

“The owner of the company actually sent out another person.”

After the first cleaning, Geiss says her dad became suspicious that jewelry was missing.

“I just kept telling him no no no, let’s keep looking. It’s got to be there.”

The cleaner came back again, but this time the man snapped pictures of the valuables before she arrived and after she left.

“It was very clear that she had taken several, several pieces of jewelry,” said Geiss.

At least 39 pieces, including her mother’s wedding ring, were stolen, according to the family’s latest inventory check. Police were able to track down four of the pieces at local pawn shops with receipts registered to Monahan, who was later arrested and charged with grand theft. Police say they suspect there are more victims out there.

“If she has come to your house, you really need to check your stuff,” said Geiss.

A house cleaner accused of cleaning out a deceased woman’s jewelry collection and a family now warning others to be careful about who they trust to clean their home.

“People also need to realize if someone’s in your house it’s so easy to take things, valuables and everything needs to be locked up. We’re just so trusting. Lesson learned from us.”

The owner of Maid For You says she did not do a background check on Monahan, because she was a contracted house cleaner, not an actual employee of the company. She says she is devastated about what’s happened.

Angela Greenwood


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