By Lemor Abrams

Sacramento (CBS13) — City leaders think they have a new tool to fight crime and drug violence in underserved communities — cannabis.

The city plans to waive permit fees for former drug offenders looking to get into the booming pot business, but bringing more drugs into communities impacted by the “war on drugs” isn’t something everyone can swallow. 

Bonnie Akers is the first to admit she’s tried pot in her day, but don’t try selling her on the idea now.

  1. The idea is not bad but could be more beneficial if the old-time offenders were fish-baited to join the medical marijuana stream. That way, the state could add to its exchequer and promote the well-being of the millions side by side. Their entry into the medical marijuana market would impact the medical marijuana supplies & the prices as well, Thousands of people who are relying upon medical marijuana and are getting recommendations from reputed clinics like Online Medical Card for recovering from critical & life-threatening conditions like cancers, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Aids etc. would benefit from their entry.

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