ROCKLIN (CBS13) — Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD) announced Friday that they looking for substitute teachers in preparation for a potential teacher strike.

In a press release, RUSD explained they are “committed to ensuring our schools remain open and safe for our students in the event of a teacher strike.”

So, RUSD is offering $425 per day to certified substitute teachers to teach in the event of a teacher work stoppage.

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According to the RUSD website, the substitute teachers could fill in for grades Pre-K to Grade 12. Applicants must have a valid California teaching credential or a 30-day Substitute Teaching Permit.

According to the District, the Rocklin Teachers Professional Association (RTPA) has recently indicated that a “strike is on the table.” The district and the RTPA have engaged in collective bargaining over the past year and the two have not been able to reach an agreement.

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The district said they remain optimistic and want to work with RTPA to reach an agreement.  However, in the event RTPA approves a strike, the district said they are prepared to meet their responsibility to provide all of the students with a safe learning environment by keeping schools open.

For more information on the special circumstance substitute teacher recruitment, the fact-finding report and negotiation updates, see our website:

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  1. In other words, they’re looking for scabs.

    1. Scabs: My thoughts exactly.

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