SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — An arrest has been made in the death of a California Highway Patrol officer and a man who was pulled over on the side of the road on Friday.

Sean Matthew Walker, 36 of Rocklin, was arrested by the California Highway Patrol. CHP says Walker was distracted by his phone at the time of the crash on Interstate 80 near Fairfield on Friday.

Sean Matthew Walker's booking photo. (Credit: CHP Golden Gate Division)

Sean Matthew Walker’s booking photo. (Credit: Solano County Sheriff’s Department)

Officer Kirk Griess, 46, had pulled over Jaime Bueza Manuel, 49 of Vallejo, when a vehicle driven by Walker struck and killed both of them.

Walker faces two charges of gross vehicular manslaughter and one count of reckless driving resulting in a fatality.

“This is something that could have been stopped,” said CHP Capt. Mark Headrick. “It was a combination of reckless driving and distracted driving that took the lives of Officer Griess and Mr. Manuel and that is something that we are deeply saddened about.”

Headrick drove home how easily the tragedy could have been avoided.

“We want the message to be sent that your actions have consequences. That answering a phone or sending or answering a text can result in the tragic consequences that we witnessed last week,” he said. “And lives can be unalterably changed because of those actions.”

  1. Josh Rabinowitz says:

    For those who witnessed that horrific scene it appeared Walker targeted the CHP officer – third fatality on that stretch of I-80 in 12 hours – I-80 is DEATH ALLEY because of rich entitled turds like him. Lawyered up, lied about blacking out, he can buy his way out of murdering a cop and an innocent man with his 1 and 3 million dollar homes in Rocklin and San Jose – throw the book at him, 20 years, 2x max gross negligence consecutive sentences- or we the people will.

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