PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Whether they’re dad jokes, poop jokes, or mischievous jokes – Cards Against Humanity is looking for writers to contribute their best material.

Known as the “party game for horrible people”, Cards Against Humanity is asking applicants to submit 15 white cards and 5 black cards.

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For those unfamiliar with the fill-in-the-blank style game, each player has a turn to draw one black card, which requires the other players to respond with a white card to fill in the black card’s blank space. The player with the funniest answer according to their person who drew the black card wins that round.

(credit: CBSPhilly)

The winner of that round gets to keep the black card. Then, the game continues as such until there are no more cards to play. At the end of the game, the player with the most black cards wins. However, there are other ways and styles of playing the popular game.

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Writers will work remotely with a pay of $40/hour on an as-needed basis.

Applicants are required to place their submissions by August 31st.

While anybody is welcome to apply, they stressed that they “strongly encourage applicants from historically marginalized communities to apply”.

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“Hot single dads,” are also prime candidates according to the job listing.