VANCOUVER, Canada (CBS Local) – The winner of a one-mile race for beer drinkers was disqualified after race officials determined that the runner didn’t drink enough during his run.

Corey Bellemore crossed the finish line of the annual Beer Mile in record time this year. The Canadian track and field athlete posted a winning time of four minutes and 24 seconds while chugging a beer in between each of the four laps. Bellemore shattered his own world record at the Beer Mile by nine seconds.

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His accomplish didn’t stand for long however, as officials declared that Bellemore hadn’t finished enough of his beer to count as a completed drink. “They (officials) found that three runners, including Bellemore, had more than the permitted amount left over,” Runner’s World explained.

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Patrick Butler of told the running magazine that the race’s “four ounce rule” is new and doesn’t appear on the race’s official rules page yet – making it difficult to enforce and even harder to obey as a runner.

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British runner Dale Clutterbuck was awarded the title of 2018 Beer Mile champion by default; clocking in with a time of four minutes and 50 seconds. Bellemore took the disqualification in stride, posting on Twitter that he’ll make sure to finish his drinks next year.