RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) – Two brothers were honored by for saving children from a burning building and helping police nab two suspects.

“We would like to recognize two of these residents as our hometown heroes for their heroic actions,” the deputy police chief during the Rancho Cordova City Council meeting Monday night.

He’s referring to the incident that happened earlier this month and the terrifying scene was all caught on camera. A driver, speeding away from police during a stop, crashed into an apartment complex. The crash set the building on fire.

“The babies were all bleeding from the neck and the head,” said 17-year-old Ulices Buenrostro on Aug. 4.

He jumped into action and pulled two young children to safety.

“The babies were just standing there screaming,” he said. “That was all unexpected and I never thought I’d be going through what I did.”

Police called off a high-speed chase and the suspects sped off, only they didn’t get far.

Moises Buenrostro chased down the suspects. The driver, 21-year-old Benjamin Mena, and his female passenger were hauled off to jail.

Sheriff’s officials say Mena had methamphetamine on him and that may explain why he spun his tires and ran a red light.

“This is absolutely amazing, you all put yourself at risk and we are so proud of you,” the mayor said.

Somewhat bashful, the brothers say they were following their instincts.

“This feels good you know, I’m honored that the city wanted to recognize me, the actions that me and my brother took,” Moises said.

“It’s a good feeling that I have in my conscience, it feels amazing knowing that I did the right thing,” Ulices said. “This has made me think about becoming a firefighter myself.”

A selfless act by two young brothers just trying to help.

Sadly, the fire has displaced several families, including the brothers who say they just want to move back home.

However, it could be months before the apartment building is repaired, so they’re staying with family.


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