SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — With over 337 cats in house, the Bradshaw Animal Shelter has temporarily stopped accepting stray and feral cats.

According to the shelter, ill or injured feral cats will still be accepted, but they are currently at capacity in their cat kennels and have a backed up feral surgery schedule.

The shelter said that many of the 337 cats are feral and awaiting surgery through their “Return to Field program.”

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The public is encouraged to adopt available cats to help free up kennel space at the shelter.

“The more kennel space we can free up through the adoption of our friendly cats, the better we can care for our remaining friendly cats and the temporary feral population as they await stray holds and surgery,” said a shelter representative.

With so many cats in the kennels right now, the shelter said it becomes harder to control disease outbreak especially in feral cats that cannot be vaccinated until they’re are under anesthesia.

Adoptable cats can be found here. 

Comments (2)
  1. Harve Morgan says:

    Does something like this ring a bell with you that follow the TNR and No Kill movements? You will be turning cats away that might stand a chance to get a new home. Instead now they will die on the streets from being abandoned. Is it not obvious that TNR isn’t working there? Throwing cats back out onto the streets is immoral, and unethical, not to mention the public health issue. Disgusting you can’t face reality and do the right thing.

  2. Ruth Steinberger says:

    This shelter is not no-kill, it is celebrating slow-kill instead. This describes the result of the turn away movement, a movement that puts animals on the street so no one has to face them in their moment of need. Yes a humane death is better than starvation, thirst, injury and fear…

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