Happy Friday. And it is a nice-looking day out there, despite the fact we do have some areas of haze and some smoke kind of hanging around.

The temperatures are really nice for this time toward the tail end of the week. Temperatures are in the upper 70’s and low 80’s — anywhere between about one to three degrees cooler than this time yesterday.

Tomorrow will warm it up a bit. We’ll keep some haze and smoke around and then head back into a cooling trend going toward the end of the weekend and on into next week. The next week could be around 80-82 degrees, way below average by about 10 degrees. I love it. We’re stealing some temperatures from Mother Nature.

We basically have fair skies over the top of us. There are some areas of low clouds over toward the coast and they may push only as far east as the delta on the western edge of the delta for tomorrow morning. We do have a couple of pieces of energy that keep cruising on by, that’s enough to knock down the highs in the atmosphere to keep us cool. But we’ll have a little bit of a ridge pump and just it warm up tomorrow to between about 80-90 degrees. We’ll cool down a bit late Sunday with some elevated fire danger in the higher elevations with gusty winds and dry conditions.

Other than that, things are looking pretty groovy across the area. Not too bad.