By Steve Large

EL DORADO (CBS13) — A Union Mine High School student is facing battery charges after an altercation in her classroom over a Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” campaign hat.

Cellphone video shows some of the tension inside this high school classroom.

The teacher is seen trying to subdue fired-up 17-year-old senior Jo-Ann Butler after she became enraged at a classmate for wearing the “Make America Great Again” hat.

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She grabbed the hat off his head.

“That’s a racist and hateful symbol,” Butler said.

She is now facing two counts of battery, one against her classmate and one against her teacher who deputies say she slapped, as he escorted her from the room.

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Butler says she made the scene to express her political feelings.

“Maybe just wake people up in some type of way, because it’s not cool the environment our classroom is in,” Butler said.

Her father says he does not approve of the way she behaved in class.

“Wasn’t handled the way I’d like it,” Chris Butler said.

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Now he’s faced with the legal impact of his daughter’s now alleged criminal act. All centered around the political divide across the country.

“I don’t agree with grabbing someone’s hat and verbally talking to them in that way,” Chris Butler said. “But as far as the issue being brought up, maybe this is something that needs to be brought up.”

The El Dorado Union High School District’s clothing policy does allow students to wear political symbols.

A statement released by the district reads:

“…student and staff safety is our highest priority and the UMHS administration will continue to cooperate with the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office as the incident is being investigated.”

Besides her arrest, Jo-Ann Butler has been suspended from school for a week. The El Dorado County District Attorney will likely decide later this week whether she will be formally charged.

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  1. Joseph D Baptist says:

    Even though she was arrested, this little stromtrooper may not even be charged for the two atatcks (assault & battery). “The El Dorado County District Attorney will likely decide later this week whether she will be formally charged.”

    Since she attacked her teacher, at school, while the teacher was performing school duties, the attack is the same – under CA state law – as if she attacked a police officer, paramedic, or firefighter who was doing tehir job.

    It is a felony with a multi-year sentence.

    If the DA does not charge this stormtrooper for her felony, there is a larger problem.

  2. Juan Ruiz says:

    Liberals being violent and trying to suppress free speech as usual.

  3. Travis Wartluft says:

    wow….what a peach!

  4. Robert Rusbasan says:

    Good for her for ripping off that Righty stoner hat. I have yet to find a Comrade Trump supporter that can tell me when “America was Great”. She may have been angry because Trump does not know the words to our National Anthem.

    1. Doesn’t matter. Trump is the President, and this person had a right to wear the hat.

    2. America has always been great. Greatest country in the world. That’s why millions of people have immigrated here and comparatively few have left.

    3. Rick Masters says:

      Oh look! Another butt-hurt Leftist who can’t control his emotions. I’ll bet you’re dysfunctional in other ways too, aren’t you?

    4. You are free to go to any country that will let you in. You’ll be sorry!

  5. Gary Lee says:

    Sorry, Honey Boo-Boo, the hat is not a racist or hateful symbol. You are just misinformed, intolerant and prone to violence.

    I blame the media for promoting and excusing the sort of hatred and violence that is being committed by unhinged leftists.

    We get it, they don’t like TRUMP. The TEA Party didn’t like FAUXbama but you didn’t see them resorting to violence and randomly attacking FAUXbama supporters. They got motivated, challenged the establishment’s hand picked candidates and laid the groundwork that led to TRUMP being elected.

    Leftists are just shrieking at the sky and resorting to violence.

  6. Margret Robbins says:

    She has no right to assault someone because she doesn’t like their politics. Yes battery charges are appropriate

  7. Mike Saxman says:

    Her “excuse” for HER BEHAVIOR (that’s right sweety-pie, OWN IT) is that she was simply “making a political statement”. Got it. And what was the student who wore the hat doing, legally, normally, per school rules and completely silently? She SHOULD be charged with assault, she assaulted TWO people. Her teacher was doing his job and had the authority to speak to her, to give her orders and to physically stop her based upon her inappropriate actions. Duh, dim, dumb, Dem…and so typical of the INTOLERANT LEFT. (It’s soooooo true of them.)

  8. Why do liberals feel they are the only ones who have the right to express their political beliefs?

  9. John T. Sparks says:

    So what if the hat owner had stood up, punched her and broke her jaw, then said, “Well, that is my political speech…” He would still be in jail and she would still be standing in front of the cameras showing that “lovely” face. Wonder if her dad is going to escort her to the senior prom this year? Or, there is probably some little snowflake liberal kid who will take her, if mom will allow him to be out that late.

  10. Of course she should be charged, but won’t. That’s why the left keeps attacking with impunity. No consequences.

  11. Bob Ho says:

    trained to be violent leftist haters from birth

  12. I think it’s fantastic that the liberal sites that still allow comments, most don’t because they know, all have comments that generally don’t lean liberal. The majority are against the liberal mindset and their actions. If you are a liberal it is time to take note. You are on the wrong side and you are very, very misinformed. You don’t have to convert now but just open your eyes and LOOK then #walkaway!.

  13. Trump derangement syndrome affects all ages.

  14. Robin Lee says:

    Listening to her father sounds like the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. Leftest resort to violence to be heard because no one wants to hear their message of hate.

  15. Brian Kedersha says:

    Send her ass to jail

  16. She’s got that inbred chin going on and the intellect to match…

  17. Melinda Kabat says:

    Why was a kid wearing a baseball hat in school let alone one with a political message? That breaks school code in every school handbook in California that I have ever seen. Hats, especially baseball hats are prohibited. So this kid was breaking the school law. The girl was just enforcing school dress code for the teachers, who are obviously too lazy to do it themselves. My daughter was full on punched by a classmate, then pushed down, by a Christian child from a Trumpian home, all because she was offended by something she overheard my daughter say about my daughters desire for a lack of religion. I told them I wanted charges pressed and nothing ever happened, yet you people think a kid should go to jail for ripping off a hat? Please! Tell your little brats to obey the dress code and save their racist red hats for home, church, and other places where MAGA racists congregate.

    1. Rick Masters says:

      You Leftists as predicable as you are repugnant…. Too bad the obviously made-up Christian Trumpian. didn’t land one up-side Mom’s head, being she'[s obviously seething with hate.

    2. Pamela German says:

      I guess you were too ignorant and too lazy to read the story and see this particular line: The El Dorado Union High School District’s clothing policy does allow students to wear political symbols.

    3. John T. Sparks says:

      Melinda Dingbat..I am sorry, but I don’t believe your account of the “Christian” assailant. I just simply don’t believe you…sorry.

  18. Jordan-Krista Smith says:

    It’s a hat. It says “Keep America Great.” I think that’s a wish every American has, regardless of political affiliation. It wasn’t vulgar, it wasn’t inappropriate attire. What WAS in appropriate was another student putting her hands on her, removing an article of her clothing (not once but twice) and slapping a teacher who attempted to maintain order within their classroom. We live in a country where we are entitled to Freedom of Speech under the First Amendment. We are not all going to agree on politics, religion, what our favorite food is, yada, yada, yada. It’s not important that we all agree (because let’s face it, when we are living in a country where we are all forced to agree, we are no longer a Republic but a Communist nation. Let’s hope that never happens). The student wearing the hat was not wrong but was wronged. Let’s stop making excuses for violent behavior from people who cannot accept we aren’t all going to think the same way. We’re raising a generation of young people who don’t know how handle differing opinions or managing their emotions (they call it being “triggered,” I call it being unprepared for real life, full of differences). I think it’s frightening that the term “Make America Great Again” is considered “racist” by some people on this message thread. Make your case and stop regurgitating rhetoric. The notion that a hat is racist is both ludicrous and illogical.

  19. Her dad “doesn’t agree with her actions”?? Dude, YOU raised her, YOU’RE responsible for her head being filled with hateful, intolerant, bullying thoughts.

  20. Rick Masters says:

    Just another useful idiot with deep rooted emotional issues.

    This is a very noticeable trend among Leftists. They simply can not control their emotions… and that is exactly why they are being played the way they are.

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