SACARMENTO (CBS13) — Dealing with the aftermath of a wildfire can be devastating. The last thing a victim should have to worry about is what might happen to their private mail delivery service if their home is damaged or destroyed.

CBS13 viewer Margaret Jackson, though, is concerned about that scenario. She’s one of dozens of viewers responding to our “Ask Us” campaign, sending us the following question:

“Is it really safe to deliver mail to burned-out houses in the wildfire areas?” She said she’s worried about identity theft.

We did some digging and here’s the answer: The U.S. Postal Service tells us if a property is no longer standing, the mail is sent to the nearest post office and put on a “hold.”

If the home is partially damaged, you need to stop all mail delivery by giving the post office a “change of address” notification.

This can be done in person or online. Here’s the link to make that happen.

Another one of our viewers sent in a related “Ask Us” topic.

Terry Root wants to know: “How much of the money donated to the American Red Cross goes to the actual cause?”

Well, all of it. But you need to specify when you donate where you want your money to go. For example, if you’re donating to victims of the Shasta County Firestorm, tell the Red Cross you want your dollars to help victims of the Carr Fire.

We’ve also had viewers wonder what percentage of their donation goes to actual victim services.

It turns out, 91 cents of every dollar is invested in “humanitarian services and programs.” The rest goes to “general operations.”

Have a question about something happening where you live, work or play?

Just “Ask Us.”


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