CLARKSBURG (CBS13) — Bully breed dogs, including pit bulls, are being found with injuries left in fields in the Clarksburg area.

Kelli Guerriero works for Nor Cal Bully Breed Rescue. Guerriero gets emotional when talking about the latest injured dog found in Clarksburg.

According to Leslie Bird, who also works for the Bully rescue, it appeared that the dog was thrown from a vehicle or that he was beaten up. The employees are unsure how he was harmed, but his injuries were intensive.

Both of the dog’s legs were broken, so veterinarians had to repair them by placing plates in to repair the fractures.

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According to Bird, this is a problem that continues to happen.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Bird said. “And the community feels the same way. This is happening over and over again with dogs in the Clarksburg area.”

Sgt. Michael Navis with the Yolo County Animal Services said that this is a huge issue in the area. He said the most recent dog was at least the 20th dog found in the last year.

“These dogs have been suffering out there,” Navis said.

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Based on the similarities of injuries in dogs found, police said they believe the same person may be dumping the dogs.

Now police are asking anyone who may have seen anything let them know. They are also looking at cameras to try and help solve these cases of abuse.

“These are animals that can’t speak, and we have to speak for the voiceless. People have to speak up when they see this happening,” Bird said.

The dog is expected to recover for eight to 12 weeks. Generous donations to the Nor-Cal Bully Breed Rescue helped get him the treatment he needed.

  1. Kathryn Dunigan says:

    Sounds like classic pit fighting losers being dropped of to me. Too bad misguided rescues exist to rehome these dogs into residential communities where they’ll attack and kill the neighbors pets. Who really benefits from the unchecked proliferation of a kind of dog most people dont’ want? Dog fighters, backyard breeders and pit rescues. End their plight, demand all pits be spayed and neutered.

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