By Tony Lopez

9/5 UPDATE: The store released a statement assuring its customers that the management team for the shopping center is working to resolve the issue quickly.

“We have been assured a new [Americans with Disability Act] compliant parking space that is safe for our guests will be added near our store as soon as possible. The shopping center’s property management team is responsible for planning and executing ADA compliant parking and has been working to provide additional parking since the store opened.

LODI (CBS13) — Shoppers are packing the newest grocery store in Lodi, but our viewers say there’s something missing in the Sprouts parking lot.

They say there are no disabled parking spots that are close to the entrance of the store.

Our cameras followed the search for a parking spot at that store that’s been open a couple of weeks now, and while there were plenty of spaces marked for compact cars and clean air vehicles, there were no disabled spaces nearby.

It’s a problem that shoppers like Susan Meyer are noticing.

“We kept looking for parking spaces and we never found any handicapped,” she said.

Viewer Corky Ayer emailed us about the issue and who would handle the problem. His wife loves the store, but the search for a parking spot has them looking elsewhere.

As it turns out there are disabled parking spaces, but they’re past the store next door and around the corner.

“The problem is I’ve recently developed a respiratory problem that’s significant and I now rely on using the handicapped spaces because it’s too difficult to work,” said Meyer. “It’s extremely disappointing that they’re not taking into consideration those kind of ailments.”

A spokesperson for Sprouts says they are working on it.

“We are aware of concerns [regarding designated handicap parking on the property] and are working with property management to find out more about the arrangement in order to best serve our guests.”

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  1. Eileen Kephart-Maxey says:

    I don’t think Sprouts even has any designated parking spaces for their own customers. They just borrow the spaces of a business “past the store next door and around the corner”. Designated handicapped parking spaces need to be close to a business’s entrance for obvious reasons regarding a person’s limited mobility. For a grocery store chain ostensibly dedicated to contributing to the wellness of its customers, Sprouts is displaying a disturbing lack of compassion for their disabled clientele. SOUNDS LIKE AN ADA VIOLATION TO ME.

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