SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The family of Stephon Clark is taking the first steps in a lawsuit against the City of Sacramento over Clark’s death at the hands of Sacramento Police in March.

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office is still investigating the shooting and determining whether charges should be brought against the two officers who fired more than 20 times less than five seconds after making contact with Clark in the backyard of a relative’s home. The officers say Clark was pointing an object at them that they determined to be a weapon, but the only item found around Clark was a cellphone.

The shooting prompted weeks of protests in Sacramento, closing down a freeway, interrupting a city council meeting and even quashing attendance at two Sacramento Kings games by blocking the entrances to the Golden 1 Center.

Here’s a look at the events between the March 18 shooting and Tuesday’s claim filing.

MARCH 18, 2018

Stephon Clark is shot to death in the backyard of a relative’s home. The circumstances of what happened that night are still under investigation by the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office. Two officers opened fire on Clark, who was suspected of vandalism in the area.

MARCH 19, 2018

Sacramento Police release a statement describing the events of the previous night with a promise that video of the incident would be released under an ordinance from the city of Sacramento. The release states that the officers believe that the suspect was pointing an object at them. It would be revealed later that the only object found in him was a cellphone.

MARCH 21, 2018

Sacramento Police release body camera and helicopter video of what lead to the shooting of Stephon Clark. The videos show that about five seconds pass from when the first officer chasing Stephon Clark says “gun” and when 20 shots were fired. None of the videos show the vandalism that police allege happened.

MARCH 22, 2018

Protesters descended on Sacramento City Hall, demanding action. They also marched and managed to block traffic along Interstate 5 near Downtown Sacramento. From there, they made their way to the Golden 1 Center where the Sacramento Kings were playing the Atlanta Hawks. Protesters locked arm-in-arm outside the arena and many of the fans weren’t able to get inside, forcing the Kings to play with a few hundred fans in attendance.

MARCH 23, 2018

Protesters took to the streets again ahead of a vigil for Clark. They were able to block some streets in downtown, but did not make it to the freeway.

MARCH 27, 2018

The California Department of Justice joins the Stephon Clark shooting investigation. Protesters march on the Sacramento City Council meeting during which Clark’s brother Stevante lead a group that interrupted the meeting with a rambling speech. Protesters also took to the Golden 1 Center again, leading to another game for the Sacramento Kings with reduced attendance.

MARCH 28, 2018

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg urged calm the day after Stephon Clark’s brother leaped on his desk during the city council meeting.

MARCH 29, 2018

A memorial service is held for Stephon Clark with the Rev. Al Sharpton among the speakers.

MARCH 30, 2018

An independent autopsy by Dr. Bennet Omalu released by attorney Benjamin Crump claims Clark was shot eight times with six wounds through his back. This autopsy would be at odds with the official one later released by the coroner.

MARCH 31, 2018

A protester is struck by a Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department vehicle that was not assigned to the protest.

APRIL 2, 2018

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department played videos with narration, but declined to actually release the videos. The county’s policy on oversight is still under investigation and does not include requirements to release body cam video.

APRIL 9, 2018

Stevante Clark speaks to CBS13 about his mental health issues and the pain of losing his brother.

APRIL 16, 2018

Sacramento Police release more video from the shooting. The video shows it took five minutes for medical aid to be provided to Clark. According to an earlier timeline from the independent autopsy, Clark was alive at the time aid was rendered.

MAY 1, 2018

An autopsy from the Sacramento County coroner was at odds with the independent autopsy, saying Clark was shot seven times, not eight, and that three shots hit him from behind, not six. While a toxicology report revealed positive test results for drugs, the levels didn’t indicated intoxication at the time of his shooting.

AUGUST 7, 2018:

Black Lives Matter protesters crash the wedding of one of the two Sacramento Police officers who shot Stephon Clark. The officers had been placed on leave after the shooting, but have since been back on the job.


Clark’s family files a claim ahead of a lawsuit against the City of Sacramento. 


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