SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Three decades after bodies were found buried in the capital city’s most notorious murder house, people’s curiosity still hasn’t died down.

“This is where she buried the first body the one that she cut the head, hands, and feet off,” Tom Williams said as he pointed to an area just feet away from the sidewalk.

Barbara Holmes and Williams now live in the F Street Victorian home once owned by serial killer Dorothea Puente.

“People come by and take pictures, we’ve accepted that,” Barbara said.

Puente cashed in on Social Security checks after killing her tenants, preying on the elderly and mentally disabled. Police dug up 7 bodies at the home.

“It’s just incredible that nobody saw her (do it),” Williams said.

The crime scene activity back then is eerily similar to what happened outside the home of the suspected East Area Rapist in Citrus Heights earlier this year. It shows detectives combing through evidence as crowds of people loomed over even though no known crimes occurred there.

“Everybody is interested in crime whether they want to admit it or not,” Tom said.

So we asked them what’s in store for neighbors in Citrus Heights?

“What they can expect is a lot of people coming by,” Barbara said.

“I don’t envy them because it takes some getting used to,” Tom added.

And what kind of people are drawn to visit a house with such a grim past?

“We’ve had some weirdos, the séance kind, that thing where they ‘hmm, hmm,’ that’s odd,” Tom said.

“They’re not crazy, some of them are, but most of them aren’t,” Barbara pointed out.

The couple is embracing the notoriety by opening up their home to people curious to check out the crime scene. This weekend they’re having an exhibit called Art to Die For.

“Both my daughter and I did this together,” Barbara pointed to a Wonder Woman mannequin covered in mosaic artwork they’d cut and sculpted together.

Barbara says they’ve had to find ways to embrace the property.

“It was very tragic, but it’s not the house’s fault. Now it’s our house,” she said.

There were even times they had to put up clever signs to keep onlookers out and lighten the mood.

“Trespassers will be drugged and buried in the yard,” Barbara made light of the situation.

Even though suspected East Area Rapist’s house is not officially for sale, the couple says they’d consider it.

“I want my daughter to buy it. It would be nice and cheap and she’s used to the idea of this house,” Tom said.

It may be macabre for most, but this couple says they dig living in what they consider a killer house.

You can get a sneak peek of the house the from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. It’s of more than 200 art spaces featuring local artist for the Sac Open Studios tour.

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