By Steve Large

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A violent attack leaving a Roseville neighborhood in shock. A father dead, a mother in the hospital, and their son in jail.

The couple’s son is in jail facing charges for the deadly attack. Police tape remained up Friday night outside the family home on Saint Anne’s Place where this terrifying attack unfolded.

The violent assault leaving retired Air Force Colonel Charles Cinnamon dead and his wife Linda Cinnamon in the hospital.

Charles Cinnamon’s Facebook profile picture shows the couple doing what they loved — traveling together.

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The couple’s 43-year-old son Eric Bryant is facing a charge of murder in the death of his father, and an attempted murder charge for attacking his mom.

Neighbors describe Bryant as suffering from mental illness.

Michael Barker recorded cell phone video of Bryant just a day before his alleged deadly attack — performing martial arts moves on the sidewalk outside his home.

“It definitely concerned me,” Barker said. “Called the local police — they were sending someone. It was busy at the time. It didn’t look like he was doing anything dangerous it just didn’t feel right.”

When officers arrived Bryant was gone. Barker didn’t realize who he was until now.

“I had no idea he was related to somebody that lived here,” Barker said.

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Neighbor George Lugo watched Bryant engaged in the same unusual activity Thursday.

“I see him out at the corner practicing his martial arts doing spins and kicks and I’m thinking that’s a little bit off,” Lugo said.

Bryant had been temporarily living in a trailer in the driveway of his parents home.

Police received a call from the home overnight from Bryant’s mother, who was able to free her self from the assault.

Police confirm no gun was used in the confrontation.

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“I really feel for the family, I don’t know them personally, but I do feel that it’s going to affect the neighborhood,” Barker said. “Everyone is kind of in shock about it.”

No court date is set for Bryant as of now. He is expected to be arraigned sometime early next week.


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