By Kelly Ryan

NATOMAS (CBS13) — A South Carolina resident visiting family in the Sacramento area can now only watch and wait, hoping the predicted monster storm Florence doesn’t leave her house and neighborhood demolished.

Denise Keys says she is hoping that the storm is not as strong as predicted but she fears there may be a lot of destruction when she returns home.

While babysitting her granddaughter, Denise Keys is also monitoring developments on hurricane Florence’s path.

“I think the eye is hitting North Carolina but we’re in the spin that just lashes around,” Keys said.

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She came for an extended visit in August before there was any hint of hurricane Florence. Keys’ home sits a quarter mile from Myrtle Beach in South Carolina,  right in the hurricane’s projected path.

She says her husband packed up and boarded the windows of their home yesterday, and left to stay with friends outside of the area.

“He cleared the patio he cleared the yard. He took the dogs ashes, we just lost our dog recently, he took her ashes. (He) got everything we needed important documents pictures,” Keys said. “I thought of one million things this morning that he could’ve brought, but you can’t think of everything.”

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While Keys’ husband heeded the evacuation orders, she says some of her neighbors did not. She’s been in close contact with one friend who says she’s not leaving.

Her friend says she has family nearby who are also staying.

“We’re gonna wait-and-see well, I wouldn’t be able to sleep I don’t know about you I’d be at the window all night waiting,” Keys said to her neighbor over the phone.

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Even from far away, Denise too has wait to see just what Florence leaves in her wake.

Her neighbor mentioned the winds were picking up and said she is expecting 75 miles an hour winds, but her biggest concern the rain stalling leading to widespread flooding.


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