MANTECA (CBS13) — Fear is growing inside a small and quiet neighborhood in Manteca after a suspicious man was caught on camera lurking around a home. Neighbors say this is not the first time it’s happened there either.

They’re concerned for their safety and upset police won’t do anything about it.

The images caught on security footage bring chills to several homeowners, including a family with two children who find themselves not being able to sleep at night.

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For the third time in less than two weeks, homeowner Lalli Singh has caught a suspicious man trespassing onto his property. Each time this occurs, the surveillance cameras show the suspect walking up Singh’s driveway just after midnight.

Singh believes the man is homeless. He found the lock on his shed broken and evidence of someone living inside. On Thursday, he came home to find the man sitting on his front porch.

“I have two kids and they are walking and sitting front side,” Singh said. “I don’t want anybody to come and attack my family.”

These incidents have been reported to the Manteca police three times. The family says they are upset that officers did not arrest the suspect. They wish something more could be done to make the man stay far away from their home.

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“The trespassing laws are written as such that trespassing just on his driveway would require refusal to leave, so to complete the crime of trespassing it would require the officers to show up, ask the person to leave and if they refuse to leave then you have the crime of trespassing that the homeowner or the officers on his behalf can make an arrest,” said Steve Beermann of the Manteca Police Department.

Singh said there is evidence the man opened his gate, walked into his yard and even took a dip in his pool. However, no one was home at the time this all allegedly happened, and the cameras were not rolling.

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“I have permission to come over here and swim anytime I want but I have permission. This guy doesn’t even have permission to come in the property and he is swimming in the swimming pool. That’s ridiculous and scary too,” said Ruth Collins, Singh’s neighbor.

The family also claims the man has stolen their lights and left beer cans by their garage. Police say they are continuing to look into the matter.


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